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New course: Maintaining Optimism during the Climate Emergency

Updated: Mar 7

We know that the climate emergency is real and is already having terrifying impacts, particularly on the world's poorest who are least responsible for creating it.

We have many reasons to be afraid, but while fear and indignation might have sparked our original involvement, that alone doesn't always support long-term action on climate change.

Neuroscientist Tali Sharot in her book Influential Mind said:

'Fear and anxiety [can] cause us to withdraw, to freeze, to give up, rather than take action’.

We have many reasons to be hopeful and much to celebrate - let's focus on that for one hour!

Between March and June, we will be offering a one-off course about Climate Optimism.

We will cover:

  • The latest positive developments in the climate movement

  • 5 reasons to feel hopeful that real and impactful change is possible

  • 3 ways to keep being motivated

  • The most inspiring examples of action in your sector and local area

The course will be:

  • 60 minutes long

  • Over Zoom at a time convenient to you, in any time zone

  • Tailored to your sector

Like all of our courses, this session will be rooted in science, focused on people, and presented with pragmatic optimism.

Course fee: £15 per person, max £350 for large groups

Charities and all other Not-For-Profits: free (10 sessions available)

You can find more info about Private Goodness and reviews from our previous courses here.

E-mail to book.

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New course: Maintaining Optimism during the Climate Emergency. £15 per person, free for charities



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