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New EY survey shows gaps in Non-Executive Sustainability training

Updated: May 12

EY Europe's Long-Term Value and Corporate Governance Survey (2024) analysed the views of 200 directors, CEOs and C-suite heads for their latest report entitled 'How can boards convert sustainability from a wish to a winning reality?'

When asked about a program of employee training to align the workforce and culture behind sustainability goals, the Survey found that:

'60% of C-suite executives believe they have a highly effective approach when it comes to training, but this drops to 43% for non-executives and chairs.'

EY EMEIA Area Managing Partner Julie Linn Teigland said:

'Boards play a key role in maintaining focus on sustainability as a strategic imperative in the face of challenge – reimagining the business for a sustainable future.'

The research concludes that boards need to do more to challenge management to embed sustainability into the business model and strategy.

It recommends asking:

  • How can we cultivate a company-wide culture where sustainability is a fundamental value?

  • How can we move beyond compliance to embed sustainability deeply into our company’s creation of value?

  • What specific steps can we take to ensure our leadership visibly champions and drives our sustainability ambitions?

Private Goodness delivers bespoke training that can help Board Directors be better equipped to ask and answer those questions. We also offer 90-minute 'Climate Risks and Opportunities for Boards of Directors' training sessions that includes:

  • research of the climate risks and opportunities specific to your sector and climate policies of your competitors

  • a template for a follow-up meeting about climate action with key discussion points and resources.

You can read EY Europe Long-Term Value and Corporate Governance Survey (2024) in full here:

Only 43% of non-executives and chairs believe they have a highly effective approach when it comes to sustainability training, EY



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