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Climate change training for Foundations and Grant-makers

This course will help you make sense of what climate change is all about and how grant-givers can take positive action.

Each course is tailored to your foundation, your mission, your size and location. 

In 90-minutes we cover:

the role of foundations and grant-makers


overview of climate change causes, impacts and solutions


climate change and human beings: how it is affecting the people you serve 


reasons for hope: how to engage your stakeholders in positive action 

training and consultancy

A bespoke 90-minute climate change training session, delivered via Zoom:

group session - £950

individual trustee- £195


half-day and full-day courses are also available. 

climate change strategy design and implementation

daily fee- £750

The process might take between 5 and 20 days depending on the size of the foundation 

To book, please email or click 'Let's Chat' below.

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