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Climate risks and opportunities training for Boards of Directors

PwC’s Corporate Directors Survey (2022) found that board discussions rarely include climate change topics.

This course is designed to empower Board members to have meaningful discussions about the climate emergency, identify and address risks, and influence positive change.


The result of your investment will be a shared, relevant and up-to-date understanding of climate change and climate risks - so your Board can move forward with confidence.  

In 90-minutes we cover:

overview of climate change causes, impacts and solutions


climate risks and opportunities


Nature-related risks and directors' duties


the role of board members beyond compliance

This course is designed for directors who care about protecting the future of their organisations, people, and planet.

We conduct 2-6 days of research for each company, so we maximise your time by focusing on the most relevant and actionable points. 

Fees for 
private sector boards

90-minute bespoke session for all Directors 

(before or after a Board meeting or during a strategy day)

+ research of the climate risks and opportunities specific to your sector and climate policies of your competitors (2 - 6 days)

+ a template for a follow-up meeting about climate action with key discussion points and resources 


In-person in London, Manchester, Birmingham, York, Edinburgh or Glasgow - from £2,750

Via Zoom - from £1,950

4-hour 1:1 session with an individual Director (or an aspiring Director) 

Receive a 'Climate Risks and Opportunities for Boards of Directors' certificate of completion 

Online only - £750

60-minute, half day and full-day courses are also available. 

To book, please email or click 'Let's Chat' below.

10% of each fee will go towards the Word Forest Organisation for planting trees and supporting communities in Kenya and the UK.

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