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Climate change training for your Board

We believe that it's important for the whole board to do the training together so they can have a shared, relevant and up-to-date understanding of climate change and climate risks. 


PwC’s latest annual Corporate Directors Survey (2022) found that board discussions rarely include climate change topics.


This course is designed to address that and empower Board members to have meaningful discussions about the climate emergency, address risks and influence positive change.

It can be delivered an hour before or after your board meetings, and is available in the evenings.

We cover:

  • The climate emergency: key facts explained in an accessible and relevant way

  • The role of Board members in tackling climate change​

  • Risks and opportunities related to climate change in your sector. Each course is bespoke to your organisation

  • A template for a productive meeting about climate change with key questions and action points

Each course is bespoke

We maximise your time by writing and delivering a course relevant to your size, sector and location

Our course is solutions-orientated

Talking about the climate emergency can be disheartening. Our course gives you the facts and aims to be inspiring and empowering.


This course is written by Board members for Board members. 

We value simplicity

We demystify the science and the jargon to make it easy to follow and understand

Raising money for climate change charities

10% of each fee goes towards the Word Forest Organisation for planting trees and supporting communities in Kenya.


Another 10% goes to Scotland: the Big Picture for rewilding land and water across Scotland.


Fees for one session (one hour delivery plus time to write a bespoke course and a tailored reading plan)

Private Sector Board

£1,950 online or £2,750 in-house in London, Edinburgh, or Glasgow


Board of Trustees (charities and all other not-for-profits):

£975 (online only)

Individual Board member (try before you buy for the whole Board):

£475 per person (online only)

If your business has a sustainability strategy, we can incorporate it into the course for no extra fee. If you require one, have a look at our Sustainability Services.

To book, please email or click 'Let's Chat' below.

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