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Climate change training for lawyers

  • Each course is tailored to your law firm, practice area, size, and location

  • We can deliver training at a time convenient to you, in any time zone

  • Our courses are rooted in science, focused on people, and presented with pragmatic optimism

Feel confident in your knowledge of
the climate and nature crises

Use your strengths to influence positive change

You can book a 1:1 class, an interactive group session or a webinar for the entire firm

More info:

Each course can be delivered at a time convenient to you over Zoom.

You can choose one, two, or all three courses.

They can be delivered on the same day, or spread over several months.

The typical length of one course is 90-minutes, but it can be shorter or longer depending on your requirements and availability.

All courses come with a Certificate of Completion for individuals and the firm (including the number of people who attended)

E-mail: to book or submit an enquiry via 'Let's Chat' button on the right

Course 1: An Overview of Climate Change for Lawyers

This session will cover Climate Change causes, impacts, and solutions.

We will also explore the risks and opportunities for law firms and their clients.

Course 2: Introduction to Climate Justice and Climate Litigation

This session is about putting people at the heart of Climate Action.

We will also discuss they key cases and trends in climate litigation.

Course 3: Climate Solutions

We have rock-solid science, amazing technology and the best-ever understanding of nature. We know what to do and how to do it. 

This session will cover an overview of global, local, organisational, and individual solutions to climate change.

Each course includes personalised follow-up paper with key information and resources.

What people say about Private Goodness courses:

 'A really clear presentation on the climate crisis - making simple, what can sometimes feel like a very complex and over-whelming area'

(Dr Ambreen Shah)

'Connections with the environment, climate change and social justice were very insightful.'

(Emma Sithole)

'Extremely useful and well delivered.'

(Gemma Bull)

'Really knowledgeable and engaging, would recommend for law related climate change courses and climate change courses in general.'

(Fatima Ahktar Riaz)

'Really fantastic course on environmental awareness and climate change in law - I learned SO much. Highly recommended!'

(Tanya Beck)

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