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Climate change training for lawyers

This course is designed to empower lawyers to confidently discuss the climate emergency,  address risks, and influence positive change within their firms. 


At the end of the course you will feel more informed and empowered, or you can have your money back!

In 90-minutes we cover:

what is climate change, why it is happening and who it affects


Biodiversity: how we can protect the natural world


Risks and opportunities for law firms.

How lawyers can make a difference


introduction to climate litigation: key cases and trends

Each course is tailored to your law firm,  your practice area, size, and location. 

Fees for
law firms

90-minute bespoke session


In-person in London, Manchester, Birmingham,  York, Edinburgh or Glasgow - from £1,750

Via Zoom - from £950

Individual Lawyer (1:1, online only) -  £195

60-minute, half day and full-day courses are also available. 

To book, please email or click 'Let's Chat' below.

10% of each fee will go towards the Word Forest Organisation for planting trees and supporting communities in Kenya and the UK.

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