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If inequality in music bothers you ..

98% of works performed by major orchestras in 2018/2019 were written by men. Only 26% of the performing artists in Glastonbury were women.

If inequality bothers you, there is now a chance to be a part of the solution.

Donne UK is looking for corporate partners, donors, and patrons to change the status quo, empower more awesome women and inspire future generations.

You can help to fund many initiatives that advance diversity, create opportunities, and have a direct impact on the future of women in music. Your company can partner with Donne by joining our corporate membership scheme, demonstrating your corporate purpose, inspiring your employees whilst fulfilling your Corporate Responsibility goals.

Be part of changing the course of the history of music!

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(Private Goodness is a proud corporate partner of Donne, and Olga Ivannikova has recently become their trustee).

Find out more here:


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