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Climate change training for SMEs

The power of business is in its people.

Imagine the difference your business can make if every single one of your colleagues is empowered by up-to-date, relevant, and shared knowledge about climate change! 


Talking about the climate emergency can be disheartening. Our course gives you the facts and aims to be inspiring and empowering.

This course is written for businesses and will focus on the impact individuals and companies can have.  

In 90-minutes we cover:

overview of climate change causes, impacts and solutions


biodiversity: how we can protect the natural world


climate change and business: the basics of the multifaceted relationship, risks and opportunities


reasons for hope: how to engage your team in positive action 

Each course is tailored to your organisation, your sector, your size and location. 

Training can be delivered to the whole team or to individuals

Fees for SMEs and individuals

A 90-minute climate change training session, delivered via Zoom:

Team sessions - from £950


Individuals - from £95


10% of each fee will go towards the Word Forest Organisation for planting trees and supporting communities in Kenya and the UK.

60-minute, half day and full-day courses are also available. 

To book, please email or click 'Let's Chat' below.

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