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Climate change training for your entire team

The power of business is in its people.

Imagine the difference your business can make if every single one of your colleagues is empowered by up-to-date, relevant, and shared knowledge about climate change! 

In one hour our course covers:

  • What is climate change, why is it happening and who does it affectt

  • Climate change and business: the basics of the multifaceted relationship, risks, and opportunities

  • Thinking beyond carbon and net zero: biodiversity, energy production, and climate justice 

Each course is bespoke

We maximise your time by writing and delivering a course relevant to your size, sector and location

Our course is solutions-orientated

Talking about the climate emergency can be disheartening. Our course gives you the facts and aims to be inspiring and empowering.


This course is written for businesses and will focus on the impact individuals and companies can have.  

We value simplicity

We demystify the science and the jargon to make it easy to follow and understand

Raising money for climate change charities

10% of each fee goes towards the Word Forest Organisation for planting trees and supporting communities in Kenya.


Another 10% goes to Scotland: the Big Picture for rewilding land and water across Scotland.


Fees for one session (one hour)


£1,950 online or £2,750 in-house in London, Edinburgh, or Glasgow


Social enterprises and all other not-for-profits:

£975 (online only)

Individuals or small teams:

£195 per person (online only)

Each session can include a team of up to 100 people. Contact us about HUGE discounts for multiple sessions. 

If you have a sustainability strategy, we can incorporate it into the course for no extra fee.

If you require one, have a look at our Sustainability Services.

To book, please email or click 'Let's Chat' below.

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