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A new COVID-19 Personal Hardship Fund for Solicitors is now open

SBA, the Solicitor’s Charity has been helping solicitors through hardship for over 150 years.

Once again, they are not leaving fellow professionals behind and have created a new £1,000,000 fund for solicitors who have been affected by the global pandemic. For example, if your employment status has changed because of COVID-19 and you are not supporting by a government scheme, you might be eligible for help.

For those who are worried about their firms, The Law Society have designed an online tool to help identify firm entitlement to the government’s COVID-19 business support scheme.

There is also a Justice Fund to help law centres continue provide advice and further support available from the Access to Justice Foundation who launched a very successful appeal last week. More info here:

These are hard times, folks, but there is help out there. Let’s share this info widely.

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