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Climate change training for trustees

Updated: May 14, 2023

We believe that trustees are in a powerful position when it comes to climate action.

Not only do they have influence over their own organisations and stakeholders, but with some thought, trustees can examine the relationship between the mission of their charity (whatever it might be) and climate change, and hugely increase the difference they can make.

However, sometimes trustees lack confidence in their climate change knowledge.

Private Goodness is delighted to offer a bespoke 90-minute-long climate change training course for charity trustees.

This course is suitable for absolute beginners and those of a more intermediate level. We cover the key facts in an easy and an accessible way, and as each course is tailored to each charity, we make it super relevant to your mission.

We hope that you leave the course not only with a greater understanding of the basic science behind climate change, but also about the relationships between climate change and poverty, gender inequality, biodiversity loss, conflicts, racism, and consumption.

Talking about the climate emergency can be disheartening.

We find hope in the latest IPCC report that summed up the findings of 700 top scientists, saying:

'With sufficient support, proven and readily available adaptation solutions can build resilience to climate risks and, in many cases, simultaneously deliver broader sustainable development benefits.'

We give you the facts but the course aims to be solution-orientated and empowering.

Fees vary from 0 to £950 depending on the size of your organisation. Training is delivered via Zoom and can take place in the evening, before or after a Board meeting. Sessions are available for Boards and for individual trustees.

However, we believe it’s very important that very small charities are not priced out of climate change training, so we offer 7 free sessions a month to charities with annual turnover of under £500,000

To book, please email

The 2023 IPCC report summary:



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