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New data confirms global support for climate action

In February 2024, Nature Climate Change published the results of a study which was conducted across 125 countries, interviewing nearly 130,000 individuals.

69% of the global population expresses a willingness to contribute 1% of their personal income to fight global warming,
86% endorse pro-climate social norms,
and 89% demand intensified political action.

The last one is particularly important as the implementation of effective climate policies relies on popular support. Political leaders underestimate people's demands at their peril.

'Close to three billion people are expected to head to the electoral polls across several economies – including Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and the United States – over the next two years.’ so it's never been more important to be in touch with people' s demands.

The global willingness to act and support pro-climate social norms has been underestimated by individuals as well.

Underestimating the willingness of our fellow citizens to act can lead us to pessimistic thinking and negative feelings about others.

Correcting this belief, however, holds tremendous potential for fostering cooperation. We are more likely to contribute to the common good when we believe others also contribute.

Interestingly, approval of pro-climate social norms is high in almost all countries. In 119 of 125 countries, the proportion of supporters exceeds two-thirds.

Countries facing heightened vulnerability to climate change show a particularly high willingness to contribute. In contrast, in countries that are most resilient individuals are least willing to contribute 1% of their income to climate action.

Also, the average proportion of people who are willing to contribute increases from 64% among the coldest quintile of countries to 77% among the warmest quintile of countries.

Conclusion: the inadequate progress in addressing climate change is not due to a persistent lack of individual support for climate-friendly actions.

'The world is united in its normative judgement about climate change and the need to act.'

You can see the full article here.



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