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Justice for A level students

You will all be familiar with the chaos and injustice that many A-level students are facing.

Last Friday, The Lawyer reported that Jolyon Maugham QC’s Good Law Project had brought together a quickly-assembled legal team ahead of its litigation against the UK Government with Simpson Millar partner Dan Rosenberg instructing Landmark Chambers’ Fiona Scolding QC, Leon Glenister and Yasser Vanderman.

There is now a crowdfunding campaign to help with the cost of litigation.

They've already raised £76,000 + but given the scale of the problem (over 40% of grades were marked down), more money is needed.

You can find out more about the campaign here:

In May, Private Goodness interviewed Christine Kinnear about how teacher assessments are known to be unfair to students from lower socio-economic groups and BAME students. She proposes a number of ways to help, namely mentoring potentially disadvantaged students. You can read more here.

Another solution could be pledging to be stop asking for A-level results when recruiting, like DWF have done.

To all students and parents of children who have received unfair exams - this is not over. The campaign for justice is just beginning.

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