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Trustees Week special: climate change training give away

As both Trustees week and COP27 are upon us, we wonder how often trustees discuss climate change and its effect on their organisations and beneficiaries.

If PwC’s latest Corporate Directors Survey anything to go by, then the answer for all Boards, is ‘rarely’.

Trustees are in an incredibly powerful position to bring climate change to the forefront of their organisations, whatever their core mission is.

To this end, we've designed new climate change training for boards.

As well as giving trustees the basic knowledge of climate change, it comes with a template on how to have a productive climate change focussed board discussion and how to assess climate risks to your organisation and your mission. Each session will be tailored to a particular organisation.

This Trustees Week, we are giving away 5 sessions for free, and going forwards we will offer a number of free sessions for small charities every month throughout the next year.

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