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Olga Murray becomes a NED of a tech for good organisation.

Olga Murray, the Founder of Private Goodness, has been appointed a Non-Executive Director of a tech-for-good organisation called My Pickle CIC.

11.8 million Brits find it difficult, stressful or time-consuming to find help when faced with a life challenge. Of this, two in five (40%) have delayed or given up searching (CensusWide, 2020). My Pickle makes it easy for people to find help online, without any commercial bias.

My Pickle does this by maintaining a central, publicly sourced, and carefully vetted database of national support resources.

Olga said:

I know how much time and energy is wasted when people are looking for help online, and how life changing early advice can be. I am really excited to work alongside other directors to empower more people to find help fast.’

You can find more information about My Pickle CIC here:

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