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Climate Optimism

‘Climate optimism is a framework based on the idea that we can restore the Earth back to health, and in doing so protect the people that inhabit this planet.’ [1]

We need climate optimism not so we congratulate ourselves on a job well done and forget about the climate crisis, but so we have the mental stamina to keep going.

We need solutions and actions, not overwhelm, finger-pointing and despair!

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be more optimistic today:

1. International cooperation inspired by science has worked in the past

Remember panicking about the Ozone layer? Well, thanks to the international community getting together, following the science, and ratifying the Montreal Protocol, the Ozone layer is now almost healed.[2]

Tobacco was once seen as so important for the economy it was untouchable. Have you seen many smokers around lately?

Legislation, taxation, and the increased awareness of health risks, have all caused a massive systemic change – and the same can be done with fossil fuels.

2. Climate litigation is on the rise

Look at the Leghari v. Federation of Pakistan case, for example.

One farmer argued that the damage to his livelihood was caused by the government’s failure to put in place sufficient adaptation measures. His victory not only led to a list of nation-wide climate adaptation measures, but also the establishment of a new Climate Change Commission. The court reasoned that the constitutional rights to life and human dignity included the right to a healthy and clean environment - inspiring more climate litigation worldwide.

3. Solar is now cheaper than coal

In the last decade, solar plants became 89% cheaper to build, and renewables are becoming more efficient every year. [3]

4. More investors are on board

83% of personal investors say that they will invest or divest based on social responsibility and/or environmental sustainability factors. [4]

5. Divestment is cool now

The approximate value of institutions divesting from fossil fuels is

$40.51 TRILLION[5] (that’s right, Trillion!)

The direction of travel is clear, and investing in fossil fuels is decidedly uncool.

There is much more we need to do, urgently, but it's nice to remember that we have the capacity, imagination, and resources to collectively co-create a healthy and safe world.

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[1] ‘Climate Optimism’, Zahra Biabani, Mango Publishing, 2023





'a hugely though-provoking and inspirational course' - Saira Price, Private goodness course attnendee, June 2023



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