CSR and ESG training 

We've trained companies of all sizes in Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. 


Training topics:

  • Corporate Social Responsiibility (introductory/intermediate/advanced) tailored to your size and location

  • Environmental Social, and Governance (introductory/intermediate/advanced) tailored to your size and location

  • The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

Training is available for partners, management boards, CSR committees, HR and business development personnel and others.

For all enquiries, please email info@privategoodness.com



  • ‘Olga has phenomenal knowledge of CSR and provided us with some great insights.’


  • ‘Olga has a wonderful combination of total professionalism, incredible knowledge of her field, together with a warmth and humour and ability to deliver what can often be quite dry information in a very human and relatable way - and in a way that inspires and supports action, no matter what level or area of business you are in.’


  • ‘Provides great advice and resources for a more ethical approach and awareness regarding your business.’


  • ‘I recently had the pleasure of attending a workshop hosted by Olga on Social Responsibility Strategy and was amazed to see Olga's sheer passion for CSR. Her energy was contagious and her knowledge of CSR practices shone through as she informed the audience of relevant case studies and best practices from the field. I left her workshop feeling super inspired by her expertise and entrepreneurialism’


  • ‘Olga delivers with great passion and true insight practical observations into corporate behaviours and how an 'investment into goodness' can be one's best, most enduring investment. Olga helps create through her workshops, true engagement which is both illuminating and challenging.’


  • ‘I attended Olga’s workshop today about CSR and I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and my introduction to CSR. Olga lead the workshop really well and explained all the key points to understanding CSR despite the group being from so many different backgrounds! It was great to meet new people too and learn from each other.’


  • ‘This morning I attended my first Private Goodness social responsibility workshop. Superb seminar - the morning flew by. I would recommend it to others without a doubt.’


  • ‘The workshop was really eye- opening and engaging.’


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