Corporate Social Respnsibility Strategy

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Social responsibility strategy

The game has changed -

social responsibility has become an expectation.

With a little help from an experienced CSR consultant you can: 

  • Help your community prosper 

  • Increase brand loyalty

  • Mitigate business and reputational threats 

  • Motivate your team 

Find out more about the value of social responsibility here

Consultancy fees: based on the size of the business


Location: London and South East


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What customers say about Olga

'Olga has been fantastic in helping develop our CSR strategy as well as coming up with some brilliant marketing ideas, preparing our public procurement pitch and awards submissions - there is nothing she can’t do! And she does it all in a cheerful, super helpful way too.'

‘She has a wonderful combination of total professionalism, incredible knowledge of her field, together with a warmth and humour and ability to deliver what can often be quite dry information in a very human and relatable way - and in a way that inspires and supports action, no matter what level or area of business you are in.’