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Private Goodness exists to empower people

At our very core, we empower people and organisations to make a difference, whether it's in finding their role in tackling the climate emergency or fighting poverty. 

On top of our paid training and strategy consulting, we provide free corporate partnerships training to small charities and free conflict resolution training to individuals who can't afford it.

One charity participant said:

'Olga's insights have supported our thinking as we update our fundraising strategy and explore different income streams.'

Private Goodness has also partnered with Brunel University, supervising students’ academic projects in Sustainability and providing advice about entering a career in Sustainability. 

We are happy to provide free training to small charities that work towards the Sustainable Development Goal 5 - Gender Equality and Goal 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth. Sessions are available every Friday.  

Empowering women in music

Private Goodness is a supporter of Donne, Women in Music, a charity that celebrates and amplifies female musicians.


Private Goodness sponsored their report about 'Equality and Diversity in Concert Halls', which found that only 5% of all compositions played in concert halls in 2020-2021 were written by women. This report led to new partnerships with the industry and a wide range of  promotional opportunities for female composers.

Previously, Private Goodness supported Create, a charity that empowers people through creative arts. 

Nicky Goulder, the Chief Executive of Create said:

'The support of Private Goodness helped us to continue to deliver creative arts workshops with some of society’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable children and adults. Our team has also benefitted from Olga’s ongoing advice and expertise.'


Empowering through increased employability

Olga Murray is a NED of My Pickle, a tech for good organisation, that helps people find help fast, and helps volunteers secure great jobs.


Between 2019 – 2021, Olga participated in 14 employability sessions with Radical Recruit, a social enterprise that helps people from disadvantaged background find jobs they love. Radical Recruit have successfully placed participants from these sessions into employment, and their in-work sustainability rate is over 90% at six months. 

Emma Freivogel, Co-Founder, Radical Recruit said:

'Olga is a proven force for good and deserves to be recognised for her unwavering commitment to mobilising vulnerable people out of poverty and strengthening disadvantaged communities.’

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