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Private Goodness wins funding to research inclusion and sustainability of virtual events

Good news! Private Goodness in collaboration with Accenture, Axis Workshops, Purple Goat and others have been awarded Innovate UK funding to explore how digitally enabled collaboration can support a sustainable and inclusive recovery from COVID-19.

We are now working on 2 projects funded by Innovate UK to understand and address the barriers to inclusive and sustainable collaboration:

1. How we can make collaboration inclusive and accessible to harness the power of diverse teams?

2. How can virtual events be made a viable and effective option to lock-in carbon savings?

To support this, we are undertaking interviews to understand people’s insights and lived experience of collaboration, with a focus on the shift to virtual working in response to COVID.

We are looking for individuals and organisations passionate about collaboration, sustainability and inclusion to contribute their insights. Please e-mail if you would like to get involved!

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