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New website to help social mobility in the legal sector

Social mobility remains a challenge for the legal sector. And it should be an essential part of any law firm's corporate social responsibility.

Many individuals, firms and chambers try to help by doing mentoring, volunteering in schools or providing accessible work placements.

Yesterday Legable launched their new website which brings lots of social mobility initiatives together

Aspiring solicitors from less advantaged backgrounds can use this website to find information regarding funding, support schemes and work experience placements.

There is also a blog which will feature inspiring students, graduates and professionals discussing their journeys, de-mystifying the path to qualification as a solicitor/barrister, and tackling topics on diversity.

The website has a 'Make a difference' section with practical suggestions on how firms can change the lives of aspiring lawyers from diverse backgrounds.

Legable's website states that 'background doesn't determine your future' - have a look at how you can make this statement a reality for more people.

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