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Private Goodness book club - February

I would love for you to join me once a month so we can get together virtually to discuss books about social mobility, diversity, feminism and influencing positive social change.

The author of the book Rebecca Henderson argues that business can simultaneously make a positive impact on the world by confronting the realities of our environmental crisis and the need to address social and economic inequality, while also delivering the sustained economic growth that brings prosperity and wellbeing to society as a whole.

The book is about ‘the world’s most important conversation’.

One reviewer said: ‘This powerful and readable book is a clarion call for reimagining and remaking capitalism. There is hope.’

And we all need some of that right now!

We will meet over Zoom on the 25th February at 6 pm for about an hour. To sign up, please email

If you are unemployed and can't afford to buy a book, please email me as I have a small budget to buy a number of copies for people who wish to join.

It would be AMAZING to have you there!

Eating and drinking during our discussion is very much encouraged.

P.S. Every month I invite book club members to donate the money they would have spent on wine/beer/orange juice (had we met in a pub) to Create - the UK’s leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts. You can donate here.

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