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Private Goodness is featured in The Leaders Council podcast

Olga Murray was invited to discuss the complicated and multifaceted relationship between climate change and business.

She outlines the main benefits of investing in climate change, suggests the first steps that companies can take, and answers a burning question of how to communicate your climate change commitments without being accused of greenwashing.

The Leaders Council exists 'for the people who run the country and the people who keep the country running'.

Chaired by former Home Secretary and Education Secretary, Lord Blunkett, The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland brings together the most influential figures from across the country.

Through detailed case studies, news coverage, podcasts and leadership events, they are able to unearth the authentic voice of British industry. They chart the challenges, pitfalls and successes of leadership in the twenty-first century.

You can listen to this special episode on Spotify and Youtube.

You can see Olga Murray's Leaders' Council profile here.

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