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Why we talk about online ethics

We spend a lot of time talking about online ethics rather than online etiquette.

Etiquette, for us, is about being polite and fitting in.

Ethics is more than that. It's about being a good online citizen. It’s about doing and saying the right thing - for yourself and others.

The value of ethics is that it’s not certain – it removes the arrogance of thinking that you know absolute truth. It helps us doubt and ask good questions which help us in all walks of life, including online.

Every day we hear about people getting in trouble for things they say online. The Financial Times reported that more CEOs had to leave their jobs because of 'ethical lapses rather than financial performance'.

When the lines between our home lives and our work lives are so blurry, and with so much at stake, it is time for us all to consider just how ethical our online presence is.

We provide bespoke 45 -minute training on this subject. Every week we have slots for free sessions for people who've lost their jobs or had their wages cut.

Please have a look here for more info.

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