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A new mission-driven partnership in family law

At Private Goodness we believe that the best corporate-charity partnerships are mission-driven.

This is definitely the case for this new partnership in the family law field.

While access to justice and a fair trial are both complex matters, there are some practical solutions.

For example, we know that assets are too often held in just one party’s name, leaving the other party without access to expert legal advice when they need it most.

Level (a top-ranked lending boutique) developed a fast financing solution that assists both solicitors and their clients with the legal costs of litigation to create a level playing field.

In July they’ve partnered with Support Through Court, a national charity that is working to create a level playing field in the courts. Their volunteers provide emotional and practical support to litigants in persons throughout the court process.

In 2018/19, 58% of their 75,432 client contacts involved family cases, of which 80% concerned the welfare of children.

They are good at it too!

98% of their clients felt that this support enabled them to get a fairer hearing in court.

Carmen Oloughlin, Corporate Partnerships Manager of Support Through Court said:

‘We’re thrilled that Level have decided to become a Support Through Court Partner. Their donation will enable our volunteers to provide vital emotional and procedural assistance to people going through court alone.’

There is so much work to be done before the family law system is truly easy, accessible and straight-forward.

However, like any other area, it can be improved though partnerships that are driven by common goals.

17 Partnerships for the goals

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