Bringing creativity to team engagement

There is a new way to engage with your team that is more creative, collaborative and interactive than anything I've seen before, brought to us by my favourite charity: Create.

Create is the UK’s leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts.

When lockdown happened, they were able to bring their programmes online almost immediately.

Ed Jackson, Create's Director of Development said:

'We noticed that the charitable work we were delivering in lockdown (online, interactive creative workshops, run by our professional artists) was not only benefiting the vulnerable participants that Create exists to serve but also the corporate volunteers supporting them.
This inspired us to develop Create Live! for Business: creative workshops for organisations to unite and reconnect teams, reduce lockdown isolation and enhance staff wellbeing.'

Create Live! for Business can be a great part of your Corporate Responsibility programme - as every workshop doesn't just support the well-being of your team but also some of the UK’s most vulnerable and isolated children and adults (young carers, children in hospital, isolated older people, or disabled children).

Private Goodness has been supporting Create since 2018 and in 2019 I visited their Creative: Connection programme in a school in South London. This programme brings together disabled and non-disabled young people to create art collaboratively, breaking down barriers and developing new skills and understanding. I was very impressed and this experience made me an even more enthusiastic supporter of Create.

Create Live! for Business seems like an amazing way to both boost the creativity of your team and support a great charity.

To find out more about Create Live! for business, please visit their website:

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