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Conflict resolution skills: how ethics can help you deal with conflict at work

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

At one point or another, we all face conflict. Sometimes it’s a good thing – conflict forces us to consider the opinions of others and can give us insight into the situation we are in. If everyone is silent and obedient, we will never improve, and we might never move on.

But conflict can be toxic and can bring out the worst in us. Prolonged conflict can make our lives feel unbearable and sad.

So, what is to be done?

In this course, Olga Murray FRSA discusses how lessons from ethics and philosophy can help us deal with conflict. She will cover the most relevant teachings from both the ancient and modern world in an accessible and fun way.

This short course will help you:

- Get better at evaluating conflict situations,

- Improve confidence to resolve conflict in an ethical and calm manner,

- Finesse the skill of being persuasive without being argumentative.

You can register via Eventbrite here for a 50-minute class on the 15th June, 29th July, or 17th August for £75 per person


E-mail and we can arrange a class on a date most convenient for you. In-house webinars, lunch & learns and bespoke workshops are available.

We offer a number of free ‘scholarship’ places for people who are experiencing financial hardship of any kind. No need to explain, just select a ‘scholarship’ ticket when checking out, and you can get your place for free.

All classes are delivered via Zoom. Please let us know about any adjustments you might require, we try to be as inclusive as possible. 10% of each ticket fee will be donated to NappiRunz to buy nappies for babies in Edinburgh.

Olga Murray (LLB LLM FRSA) is the Director and Founder of Private Goodness, a UK-based Corporate Responsibility, ESG, and Ethics consultancy. Private Goodness won International CSR Excellence Awards in 2019 and 2020. Olga has trained companies based in Asia, Africa, America, the Middle East and Europe. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a CSR & Sustainability trainer at the London School of Public Relations. Olga frequently speaks about ethics and responsibility, most notably at the Royal Courts of Justice (alongside Mr Justice Knowles), the House of Lords, the Global Woman club, the London Business School, and the Impact Hub.

This is a brand-new course, but here is feedback for previous Private Goodness courses and webinars:

1. ‘Olga is incredibly knowledgeable in the ethics and corporate responsibility space; her work is making a real difference to many companies and communities.’

- Hannah Foley, Head of Corporate, KC Partners


2. ‘She has a wonderful combination of total professionalism, incredible knowledge of her field, together with a warmth and humour and ability to deliver what can often be quite dry information in a very human and relatable way - and in a way that inspires and supports action, no matter what level or area of business you are in.’

- Jules Anderson, Owner, Feel Glorious

3. ‘Olga delivers with great passion and true insight practical observations into corporate behaviours and how an 'investment into goodness' can be one's best, most enduring investment. Olga helps create through her workshops, true engagement which is both illuminating and challenging. ‘

- Andrew Cracknell, Director, Winterbar Associates Limited

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