The 5 stages of grief before embracing CSR

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

In the past they told us that companies are there for making a profit, and being in business is like being in war.

Then they were saying, we should give more, then that just giving isn’t enough and all of a sudden all operations need to be 'ethical'.. what’s next?

It can all be a bit too much. So no surprise that sometimes an introduction to CSR goes a bit like this:

  1. Denial

CSR is for big companies. We are too small, we don’t have enough time, enough money.

It’s not for us. We are fine as it is.

2. Anger

Whether it’s Trump, poverty, or ecological disasters, there is always plenty on the news to make us despair. To make us feel angry and powerless.

Someone should do something.

3. Bargaining

I am a good person already. I do lots for my family and friends. Why should I do something through my work? I already go to work and pay taxes.

Well, Everyone is talking about it and I guess I could do a bit. We could support a charity, or volunteer for a day.

Maybe we could replace those plastic cups. How is that?

4. Depression

What’s the point? Societal problems are too big. My business isn’t going to solve climate change or feed everyone who is hungry. If I try, I will just set myself up for failure and criticism.

5. Acceptance

We are skilled talented lovely people who can make a positive difference. We can certainly try.

Being more socially responsible will make my team more motivated and can improve our reputation.

We have the power and we will use it to the make the wold a better place, starting with our own company and our community.

Do you know companies that are on this journey?

If you recognise a bit of yourself, don't worry, Private Goodness can help. You can book a free consultation by e-mailing

Embracing social responsibility is not always easy but making a positive difference to your team, your community and your planet can be the most rewarding thing you will do.

While making profit is essential for success, making an effort to help others is vital for prosperity and true accomplishment.

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