3 reasons why Business Leaders are sleeping out

On 29th October this year, 100 of London's most compassionate business people will sleep under the stars, at the historic Lords' Cricket Ground for CEO Sleepout London 2018.

They are coming together as a business community for one night to show that they care about rising inequality, homelessness and poverty in the city, and to help do something positive about it.

Whilst we know that one night isn't a great hardship and our participants could never come close to what a rough sleeper would experience, they will be doing three amazing things by pledging to sleep out and raise funds via sponsorship:

1. They will be part of an event that has raised and will continue to raise massive awareness of the issues of poverty and homelessness among the business leadership community. We know that the strong voice of business is one that policy makers are most likely to listen to. And that's why we want to harness and amplify that so that it can be heard.

CEO Sleepout is a national movement, and getting behind it in London means that our participants can be part of one of the biggest fundraising initiatives in the country when it comes to poverty and homelessness.

2. They will raise a significant amount of funds, the vast majority will be put to work in London by charities doing incredible work. Our partners this year include House of St Barnabas, Street Child United, Borderline charity for homeless Scots, Beam, and Walking With the Wounded. All of these charities work on the homelessness continuum, helping our most vulnerable people to get their lives back on track. This year, we are expecting to raise in excess of £150,000.

3. All of our business leaders, CEOs and execs are giving up their warm bed and home comforts for a night - all to help a fellow human who is not as fortunate. And that is a great thing!!

What is CEO Sleepout?

CEO Sleepout is a national movement, founded four years ago by Chairman, Andy Preston. CEO Sleepout events have been held at venues across the country including Wembley Stadium, St James’ Park Newcastle, Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Meadow Lane Stadium, and Lord’s Cricket Ground.

To date, CEO Sleepout has raised a phenomenal £1.95 million for some of the UK's best homelessness initiatives and charities who work tirelessly to make life a little easier for those in the grip of poverty. We give away the vast majority of funds raised by each CEO Sleepout to charity partners and local good causes in each host city.

Some of the funds raised have helped to set up an amazing social enterprise: The Fork in the Road Restaurant. This enables people serving at HMP Holme House and HMP Kirklevington the opportunity to gain a qualification and on-the-job experience so that they can start a new life with new prospects, and break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

Could you swap your suit for a sleeping bag for just one night to raise big money for this very worthy cause?

Find a CEO Sleepout event in a city near you and register at ceosleepoutuk.com

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