An interview with Kathy Wong, the founder of Moeloco

Hi Kathy! We love your brand Moeloco. Tell us, how did you come up with the idea?

Its Moeloco which is a word I created from 2 different languages. The fist is Moe which comes from the Hawaiin word Moehauani which means dream and the 2nd word Loco means crazy so its Dream Crazy.

My dream crazy began with the dream that no child should live in poverty and all children should be given the opportunity to get an education and be able to dream big too.

During my 3 .5 year journey with Moeloco I realised then a bigger dream. That is every product or service we purchase has a positive impact on humanity and this idea will be driven through businesses and the consumers.

When I started with my Moeloco flipflops it was because I learnt that there were over 300 hundred million children in the world without shoes and that many of these kids could not attend school without shoes for fear they might be carrying disease on their feet. These children are walking over raw sewerage, toxic building and industrial waste. Schools do not want these diseases spread through their feet. Hence I decided to provide a one for one model.

Moeloco manufactures flip flops that leave positive messages in the sand. For every pair sold we gift a pair of school shoes to one of these children in poverty.

How important is 'purpose' to your business?

Purpose is why we exist. I would never have come out of my comfortable life of retirement to just do a usual business. My purpose is to impact as many of these children’s lives and others to create this vision of social impact businesses.

You travel the world, promoting social enterprises and positive action. Can you tell us a bit about your TV show?

Yes Ive been travelling now for a month with my show Crazy Dreamers TV. It is a show designed to educate people about more businesses and people like me wanting to see the same world I desire.

You've supported many charities, what are in your opinion the most important ingredients for an impactful corporate partnership?

One where you are value aligned and have the same mission. There must be complete transparency too.

Do you have any advice for start-ups that want to make the world a better place?

Keep focussed on your vision and regularly check in to see you are. Stay strong in mindset, create great support networks through mentors, mastermind groups, networking. Finally test, test, test as quickly as possible stay with the lean business model canvas approach.

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