How do you know if your business is ethical?

The first thing that we always say is that corporate social responsibility is a process.

One doesn’t simply become an ethical business overnight and there is a lot one can do to improve and help others – this journey can be very exciting and rewarding and open up new ways of collaboration with colleagues, communities and stakeholders.

One question does arise: where are we heading?

There are different benchmarks of success. The Bright Ethics Standard in partnership with Centre for Assessment are bringing us a new opportunity for Ethical Certification.

Importantly, it was developed utilising research into public expectations of business ethics and it’s always useful to know about that!

The standard defines over 60 requirements, covering:

  • Sourcing with integrity

  • Values and leadership

  • Positive workplaces

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Customer experience

If you look at the criteria and you only match 7 or 8, don’t despair. 91% say it’s OK if a company is not perfect, as long as its honest and is taking steps towards being more responsible (Cone Communications, 2018). Sometimes it’s important to be honest with yourself so you know where you can improve your operations for the benefit of all.

You can have a look at this framework here. Let me know what you think!


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