What makes a great corporate charity partnership? NPC share their wisdom.

Priviet readers,

This morning I attended the launch of a wonderful new NPC report – ‘Building more impactful corporate-charity partnerships’.

This report comes at a time when some charities still sheepishly ask corporates for cash, promising to put their logo on the website in return.

In the meantime, I have seen some corporates offer charities small amounts of money and expect volunteering opportunities for an away day, a marketing boost, and that’s their CSR sorted.

NPC rightly identifies that the world is changing and that there is a better way to have successful, mutually beneficial, and equal corporate partnerships. They’ve also (being NPC) summarised it in this lovely slide:


  • Doing good is not limited to CSR teams.

  • As long as both parties are open about their differences and expectations, and are willing to invest time in getting to know each other, good things will follow.

  • ‘Businesses should be looking at charities not just as grant-recipients, but as ways to change their businesses and to use their skills and influence to do more social good.’

The authors say that this requires creativity to think of new ways of working and the courage to change and improve relationships – this report certainly provides plenty of inspiration and useful tips to achieve both.

You can read the report in full here.

28/3/18 Macquire London

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