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Private Goodness is an award winning CSR,  ESG, and climate change consultancy that exists to help companies improve their social and environmental impact.

We've provided training to companies based in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America, Australia, and Asia, and won International CSR Excellence Awards in both 2019 and 2020.

Private Goodness was founded in May 2018 by Olga Murray (FRSA LLB LLM). Olga is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Sustainability trainer at the London School of Public Relations. Olga is also a Non-Executive Director of a tech for good organisation My Pickle, and a trustee of a diversity & equality charity Donne Women in Music. 

Olga frequently speaks about the power of companies to do good, most notably at the Royal Courts of Justice (alongside Mr Justice Knowles), the House of Lords, and the London Business School. 


What people say about Olga and Private Goodness

  • ‘Olga is a knowledgeable and dedicated bundle of energy! Her work with Axis alongside several other prominent bodies in the ESG space resulted in a fascinating piece of analysis, and some brilliant guidance for us as a product and a business. If you need a sharp mind who will get the job done, I cannot recommend Olga highly enough.’                                                         

-  Paul Williams, CTO, Axis Workshops 

  • ‘Olga is a proven force for good and deserves to be recognised for her unwavering commitment to mobilising vulnerable people out of poverty and strengthening disadvantaged communities.’

- Emma Freivogel, Co-Founder, Radical Recruit


  • ‘I recently had the pleasure of attending a workshop hosted by Olga on Social Responsibility Strategy and was amazed to see Olga's sheer passion for CSR. Her energy was contagious and her knowledge of CSR practices shone through as she informed the audience of relevant case studies and best practices from the field. I left her workshop feeling super inspired by her expertise and entrepreneurialism. I also appreciate Olga's firm belief in the power of business for contributing to wider social impact as she made her arguments for corporate responsibility clear and convincing. ‘


- Mariam Sheikh, ESG and Responsbile Business Analyst, DLA Piper



  • ‘Olga delivers with great passion and true insight practical observations into corporate behaviours and how an 'investment into goodness' can be one's best, most enduring investment. Olga helps create through her workshops, true engagement which is both illuminating and challenging. ‘


- Andrew Cracknell, Director, Winterbar Associates Limited


  • ‘Olga has been fantastic in helping develop our CSR strategy as well as coming up with some brilliant marketing ideas, preparing our public procurement pitch and awards submissions- there is nothing she can’t do! And she does it all in a cheerful, super helpful way too.’


- Samantha Woodham, Family Law Barrister, 4 Paper Buildings



‘Olga worked with us on a collaborative event in partnership with Business Launchpad and Impact Hub. She has phenomenal knowledge of CSR and provided us with some great insights.’


- Slydon Chifwala Lungu, Founder, Basketdrop



  • ‘She has a wonderful combination of total professionalism, incredible knowledge of her field, together with a warmth and humour and ability to deliver what can often be quite dry information in a very human and relatable way - and in a way that inspires and supports action, no matter what level or area of business you are in.’


- Jules Anderson, Owner, Feel Glorious


  • ‘I worked with Olga and Private Goodness on our very own Legally Speaking Podcast and a webinar. Olga was incredibly professional, polite and a pleasure to work with! Olga is incredibly knowledgeable in the ethics and corporate responsibility space; her work is making a real difference to many companies and communities.’ 

- Hannah Foley, Head of Corporate, KC Partners


  • ‘Having worked with Olga on a major collaboration I found her insightful, creative and precise. She was an invaluable member of the team with a wide-ranging knowledge and skill set. ‘

- Chris Cusack, Account Manager, Purple Goat Agency




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