2019 Impact Report

Private Goodness is a small CSR consultancy with a big impact:

working with partners towards a more inclusive world

Create is a charity that empowers lives through art.

I’ve proudly supported and visited a project which brings together disabled and non-disabled young people to create art collaboratively, breaking down barriers and developing new skills and understanding.

''It has been a pleasure having Olga as an enthusiastic supporter of Create and an advocate of our work.


The support of Private Goodness will help us to continue to deliver creative arts workshops with some of society’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable children and adults.


Our team has also benefitted from Olga’s ongoing advice and expertise.''

- Nicky Goulder, Chief Executive, Create

Radical Recruit CIC source hidden talent from disadvantaged groups within London and transform lives one job at a time!

I was delighted to volunteer at Radical Recruit’s employability event and help more people get interview-ready.

One (ex-offender) candidate from the event commented:

“I’ve never participated in a programme that was so fun, so practical and so empowering. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to come but I’m so glad that I did. ”


‘'Olga delivers with great passion and true insight practical observations into corporate behaviours and how an 'investment into goodness' can be one's best, most enduring investment.


Olga helps create through her workshops, true engagement which is both illuminating and challenging.'’

''I left her workshop feeling super inspired by her expertise and entrepreneurialism.''


''I also appreciate Olga's firm belief in the power of business for contributing to wider social impact as she made her arguments for corporate responsibility clear and convincing.''

In 2019 Private Goodness delivered a whole lot of training on how to do good:

1. CSR for lawyers (online) – helping more lawyers access the knowledge and tools to have a greater social impact.

2. Ethical networking - making networking more fun and inclusive.

3. I've become a CSR & Sustainability Trainer with the London School of Public Relations, expanding the number of companies that can be reached.

4. I've delivered a Responsibility strategy workshop (held at African Foundation for Development) to a group of people from finance, legal and charity sectors. 

award photo.JPG

Private Goodness won its first international award, and it was for goodness:

2019 International CSR Excellence Awards held at RADA, London

award 2.JPG

​In 2020:

  • More online courses with partners (2 coming in Q1)

  • More in-house training 

  • A new office space near South Bank (London) from February. You are all welcome to come and see me in person!

  • On a more personal note (although my business is very personal to me), I will change my surname to Murray


I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped Private Goodness in 2019 – I couldn’t have done it without you!!!


I wish you a happy 2020 and I look forward to working closer together towards a more inclusive world.

Olga Ivannikova (soon to be Murray)